Let's see if this sounds familiar. You are overweight or have prediabetes or diabetes. You've tried all sorts of diets and exercise to get better. You might be taking a whole bunch of medications. But every year - you either gain more weight or your diabetes gets worse so you have to take more medicine. Or you might have lost some weight or your sugar level improves temporarily - then you just gain all that weight back and your diabetes gets worse again. It just seems that no matter what you try, no matter how good your motivation nothing seems to work long term. Maybe your doctor even tells you that things will just get worse over time and you'll just have to take more medicine.

Diabetes, prediabetes and obesity are part of a cluster of symptoms regarded as metabolic syndrome. This is just a term used to describe people who have the genes that make them more likely to put on weight and/or develop diabetes. 

Fortunately there is a simple lifestyle solution to either solve this problem, or at least make it much better. A combination of a low carbohydrate diet and intermittent fasting will drastically reduce weight and sugar levels. The health benefits of doing this is enormous, such as a reduction in blood pressure, joint discomfort and reduced risks of diabetic complications such as heart attacks, blindness, kidney damage, etc. 

Recognizing that lifestyle solutions should be the first step in treating obesity and diabetes - Dr. Young Lee has created a health coaching clinic to guide people through this treatment. Many graduates of this program have continued to maintain excellent sugar levels and weight years after completing the program. 

We would like to be able to help you as well. If you are tired of being overweight, having diabetes or taking increasingly more medications, or scared of what's going to happen to you in the future - let us help you. 

Below we've included quite long interviews with patients who have been through the program. This is to show you that we aim to have depth in the program - rather than just having a superficial promise. The first step to us being able to help you - is for you to have some trust and faith that the method works and that it's easy to keep to it. 



Passionate about fixing the fixable

I grew up in both Malaysia and Christchurch, New Zealand - getting my medical degree from the University of Otago. I have been in General Practice now for over 15 years in Auckland. What I've learnt over the years is that the greatest satisfaction I've had in my career is to help people help themselves fix a problem that they thought was unfixable. 

One of the frustrations that I felt in medicine is the lack of lifestyle solutions for chronic health problems. It's all well and good to tell people to diet and exercise - but what's the point if you don't give them a plan and help them execute it. It's kind of like that situation where everyone has had a good idea, but the only people who profit from it are those who actually do something about it. 

I happen to stumble upon the great works of other doctors such as Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. Sarah Hallberg who have really helped their diabetic and overweight patients with guided dietary programs. I believe passionately that there has to be a local based solution here - and the key to all of this is personal relationships between the health coach and the patient. Getting the right plan in place, follow up, accountability, feed back and constant course corrections maximizes the chances of success. This process can be compared to a personal trainer at the gym - who, through regular feedback and course corrections ensures physical conditioning success. 

Mittent Clinic was started back in 2017 and we are proud to say that 3 years in - we've proven the longevity of health results with the initial cohort of patients. We are able to prove that this method work long term for people and is completely sustainable. 

I believe that we can help the most people out there by providing as much education as possible. Join us to get a plan to get you there quicker. 



Learn more about the best way to reverse diabetes and lose weight



It's because of too much insulin

Insulin is a hormone our body makes to allow us to use sugar that enters our body. Sugar comes from the carbohydrates we consume - such as actual sugar, fruits, potatoes and wheat based products such as bread, pasta and baked goods. Insulin is extremely important to allow us to get energy from carbohydrates and proteins and to allow us to store extra carbohydrates as fat. 

However too much insulin results in us becoming fat. When the body tries to stop the excess insulin from making us fat by creating insulin resistance - this is known as Type II Diabetes. High levels of insulin causes us to gain more weight. It also results in inflammation - which causes our blood vessels to block up causing heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney disease and poor circulation.

About 1 in 3 people probably have the genes to produce large amounts of insulin when they eat carbohydrates and proteins to a certain degree. This likely benefited our ancestors - because if you can store more energy quickly you won't starve when you can't find food. Unfortunately in the modern world, food is super abundant and our health problems come from eating too much rather than too little. 

You are fat or have diabetes because your body produces a lot of insulin when you eat food - usually from carbohydrates and to a smaller degree from proteins.


Exercise doesn’t burn as much energy as you think! And it makes you hungry.

Unfortunately, it’s simple maths. An average person walking about an hour a day will only burn 200 calories above their Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). When you consider the average male adult would probably eat about 2500 calories a day, that’s not much. The BMR is the amount of energy the body burns at rest – generating heat and resisting gravity. It is the main use of the energy in our body. Activities like swimming burn much more energy because we have to expend much more energy to heat our body up to resist the cold in the water – however most people will get extremely hungry after and are likely to consume most of the calories burnt.

Eating less doesn’t really work either – well not traditionally anyway. If you eat less at every meal – you initially loose weight due to consuming less energy than your BMR. However, over time your BMR will slow down to match the amount of calories you consume, so your weight loss will stop. Even worse – you now have a lower BMR – meaning that if you ate the same amount before your diet, you will start to gain weight more quickly. That’s the reason why weight loss TV show contestants have to constantly eat tiny amounts of food and exercise 3 hours a day to maintain their weight loss. This is clearly not sustainable.


It's natural and does not require medications or special foods.

Actually, this method has been known for decades, if not centuries. It’s just that with the advent of modern medicine – we have sort of forgotten about it. It’s about reducing the amount of insulin that your body produces. When you are eating – especially carbohydrates and some proteins – your body is making insulin. This causes your body to store energy in the form of fat. Not eating causes your insulin to drop – and your body starts doing the opposite. Burning fat for energy. Not only that – if you have diabetes, not having insulin in your body causes insulin resistance to drop so you slowly start to heal yourself.

The best way to achieve a low insulin status is to eat as little carbohydrates as possible, and to make sure that your meals are as far apart as possible. This basically means all you need to do is to have a low carbohydrate diet, and practice intermittent fasting. Fasting means having a long time gap between your meals – usually at least 16 hours, but sometimes this might be days apart. It’s surprisingly easy to do. Most of our patients get use to eating one meal a day and feel completely satisfied.

Variations of this lifestyle include the keto diet, Atkin’s diet or low carb high fat diet. Really, the most important thing is to have a low carbohydrates. You don’t really need high fat – that doesn’t really have any benefit. Just add a bit more fat for taste. Fat, fibre and water do not stimulate insulin.


Why doesn’t everybody do this?

It’s a bit like exercise. Everyone knows that exercise is good for you (though it won’t help you lose weight) – but most people don’t do it. It’s because it requires commitment initially and follow through. However, once it becomes a habit it’s easy to do. You’ll have a new lifestyle where you are eating low carb meals and fasting automatically.

This is where we come in. We want to help you create a new lifestyle. By making this lifestyle a habit – it means that you will be able to lower and maintain your weight, and reverse your diabetes automatically. It won’t feel like an effort because you will just wake up and do it. We have achieved this in many patients.

They are many people where this method is not suitable. This includes people who are just not motivated enough for change – and those looking for a quick fix. However if you care about your future and your health, and want to make a permanent positive change for your future – we are the right choice. Even people who are more food focused – which is about 20% of people – can achieve a fasting regime within a few weeks.

We are here to provide you with the best coaching advice and follow up to achieve your goals. Bear in mind – we will be helping you set realistic goals. You are not going to become super model skinny. If you’ve had diabetes and medications for decades – you will not be cured of diabetes – but you will be taking much less medication and your sugar levels will improve.



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